Part II: A Hands-on Approach to Self-Evaluations

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Next, how do you evaluate your programs, policies, and procedures? Once you've decided the scope of the evaluation and identified your resources, you'll need an organized and productive way to gather information, consider public input, and analyze the results. Possible considerations include showing support from the top; training; finding a way to bring together (1) knowledge of particular programs with (2) an understanding of the ADA -- and what to do if no one has that understanding; evaluating some programs in greater depth when they do not lend themselves to evaluation by checklist; quality control; and timing. We'll see what kind of information you should gather about facilities and at what level of detail, for assessing "program access."


Irene Bowen, President, ADA One, LLC

James Terry, Chief Executive Officer, Evan Terry Associates