Daniel Goodman

Transportation Specialist
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)


Dan Goodman is a Transportation Specialist on the Livability Team in the Office of Human Environment at the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) at the United States Department of Transportation. He has managed the development of many of FHWA’s recent bicycle planning and design resources, including the Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide; Achieving Multimodal Networks; Small Town and Rural Multimodal Networks Guide; Incorporating On-Road Bicycle Networks into Resurfacing Projects; Guidebook for Developing Pedestrian and Bicycle Performance Measures, and the Strategic Agenda for Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation. He leads FHWA’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Program and its Pedestrian and Bicycle Work Group and oversees the work of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center. He serves as one of FHWA’s representatives on the U.S.DOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinating Committee and helped to launch the Safer People, Safer Streets initiative and Mayor’s Challenge. He is a member of the Transportation Research Board's (TRB) Pedestrian Committee and former chair of the Pedestrian Research Subcommittee. He serves as FHWA's representative to the AASHTO Joint Technical Committee on Non-Motorized Transportation and is a member of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP). Prior to joining FHWA, he worked as a consultant developing pedestrian and bicycle master plans for cities and states throughout the United States.