Ask an ADA Professional Questions RE: The Interactive Process for Employment Accommodations

Wednesday, October 11, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time Zone


People who have a disability as defined by the ADA may be entitled to reasonable accommodations in the workplace under Title I. Requests for accommodations can include things like facility modifications, job restructuring, remote work, part-time or modified schedules, changes in the hiring process, etc. The “interactive process” is a term which describes the informal process and conversations that employers and employees must have to determine an appropriate accommodation that will meet the employee’s needs and will also be reasonable for the employer to provide. But how exactly do employers and employees agree on a reasonable and effective accommodation? Who has the final say? What if a suggested accommodation is not effective or will result in an undue hardship? When might you need to consult an expert like an occupational therapist? During this program, attendees will have the opportunity to ask ADA professionals these and other questions about the interactive process for workplace accommodation requests.

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Stacy Hart, ADA Trainer, Information and Outreach Specialist, New England ADA Center

Marcy Hintzman, Project Coordinator, Great Lakes ADA Center, UIC

Questions for presenters:

1 I just got hired and have a progressive disability that affects my energy and ability to do repetitive tasks. I don't know what I may need to keep my productivity consistent if I have less ability to do activities I can do now. Is it reasonable to ask for a OT and assistive tech assessment to inform what accommodations I may need?
3 Associates often avoid asking for accommodation and we proactively enter the interactive process. What tools or resources do you incorporate to guide the discussion?
4 What if you can't come to an agreement with an employee on an accommodation? I have had situations where an employee requests a specific thing that the employer deems "not reasonable" and then the employee will not accept any other options.
5 whose responsibility is it to share ADA information? Should my employer have told me of my rights before, or as a part of, my disability transition process?
6 Please discuss AT assessments. I was told by the EEOC the employer would in most cases pay for a formal AT assessment such as the Matching Person and Technology assessment, HAAT etc.

Session Questions

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