Status of Rulemaking

Tuesday, May 18, 1999


The U.S. Access Board continues to work on standard development under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Recently the interim rule for Public Rights-of-Way was reserved in the final rule for state and local government facilities. In many cases, this has left communities wondering what an accessible public right-of-way looks like in the absence of a final rule. On the waterfront, a national advisory committee has been created to develop recommendations for passenger vessels. In addition, the U.S. Access Board has received a petition for rulemaking on acoustics in classroom and student facilities. This GL DBTAC distance learning session will highlight current rulemaking activity by the U.S. Access Board. Lois Thibault, Accessibility Specialist for the U.S. Access Board, will provide an update on rulemaking and issues surrounding each area. Paricipants will also have opportunity to ask questions on the rulemaking issues.

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David Capozzi Executive Director, US Access Board