About Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a virtual environment optimized for learning. Whether you have two learners or two hundred Blackboard Collaborate enables world-class communication, collaboration, and education that transforms the webinar experience. This technology ensures that all participants are in sync, regardless of computer platform or Internet connection speed.

In support of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Blackboard Collaborate provides a variety of features that promote accessibility, including keyboard access to menus and dialogs, closed captioning, enlarged video, user-defined color, screen reader compatibility, and more. A list of supported systems and browsers are available on the Blackboard Collaborate website.

Blackboard Collaborate Launcher

Blackboard Collaborate relies on a launcher utility software that provides a convenient and reliable way to run the platform and join our webinars. Note: on desktop computers Blackboard is dependent on JAVA, which some organizations prohibit. Installing Blackboard Collaborate Launcher or JAVA may require the assistance of your IT department for proper installation. Blackboard Collaborate Launcher is free to download.

Step 1 - Get Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Software

Step 2 - Configure your system

  • Blackboard provides a Test Configuration Room that you can use to test your connection, settings, and configure your audio. The configuration room will download a meeting.collab and once the file has finished downloading, open/run it from your browser's Downloads folder to join the test session. If you can't open the meeting.collab file, check that the meeting.collab file is correctly associated with the Blackboard Launcher software. Check the detailed instructions from Blackboard for more information for your device.

Troubleshooting problems with Blackboard Collaborate