Beyond Codes and Regulations: What's Really Working and Not Working in Accessible Design?

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Join this 120 minute session that will explore the spirit and intent of the ADA standards, that is - to make the environment accessible and safe for all people including, but not limited to, people with varying abilities, is not well understood by planning and design professionals. Through examples and discussion, the session will review the subtleties of planning and design decisions that affect the accessibility, usability, and safety of the buildings and sites. Common problems, errors, and omissions will be identified and potential solutions and alternative designs that work better for all people will be illustrated. Specific accessible issues addressed will include; site and grading issues, parking, exterior routes, curb ramps, ramps, stairs, obstacles and hazards in routes, slip-trip-fall hazards, entrances and doors, seating, sales and service counters, reach ranges, elevators, rest rooms, and signage.

**This session qualifies as Elective Credit for the ADA Coordinators Certification Training Program (ACTCP)

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Rich Sternadori Education Coordinator, Great Plains ADA Center