Office of One: Doing More with Less

Thursday, June 25, 2020


The role of Title II ADA Coordinator can feel like a daunting task, and even more so when operating as an "office of one" without a team or support staff. This session presents tips and tricks for ADA Coordinators who feel overwhelmed, understaffed, and unsure of where to start. Discussion will include how to lay the groundwork for widespread support, working effectively with internal allies and community partners, and meeting compliance benchmarks when faced with reduced resources. Participants will leave this session understanding the process, challenges and successes that can be experienced while doing more with less.

Note: this presentation is not intended to cover specifications of the Title II requirements for ADA Coordinators and should be considered as a companion to regulation-focused sessions.

Key Concepts:

• Processes, challenges, and successes possible for ADA Coordinators who are an "Office of One"

• Tools for addressing outdated plans, updating policies, and developing internal training programs

• Developing and fostering meaningful relationships with internal allies and community partners

**This session qualifies as Elective Credit for the ADA Coordinators Certification Training Program (ACTCP)

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Shannon M. Mulhall, NIC, ACTCP, CASp Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator, City of Fresno, California