Chris Murphy

Information Specialist
Rocky Mountain ADA Center


Chris Murphy is an Information Specialist who focuses on architectural elements of the ADA, and title II/III of the law. He focuses on covered entity’s obligations for providing accessibility interplay with existing structures and new design elements for The Rocky Mountain ADA Center. He joined the team in 2016.

Chris lives with an invisible disability, Brachial Plexus Palsy, which is permanent nerve damage in his left arm/hand/shoulder caused by a traumatic birth injury. He is a current Team USA Para-Cycling National Team member, 2017 2x world champion, 2016 Paralympian, 15x national champion. He grew up in southern California, moved to Colorado Springs in 2014 to train for the Paralympic Games.

A true renaissance man, Chris worked as a musician for Disneyland from 2007-2012 and can be seen playing trombone in the 2012 Warner Bros. movie Gangster Squad, starring Josh Brolin, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling.

Chris studied music performance in college at California State University, Fullerton with a focus on BM Trombone performance.