Open Q & A

Thursday, September 7, 2017

  2:30 PM Eastern Time Zone

This is a regular session in our webinar series that provides an opportunity to ask questions on any topic related to the Board's work and activities. Questions are welcome on the Board's accessibility requirements and rulemaking activities, including the ADA and ABA Accessibility Standards, new standards being developed for medical diagnostic equipment, and other topics related to the Board's work. Accessibility specialists will answer questions submitted in advance during the first half of the session, leaving time in the second half to answer questions in the live session.


Questions for presenters:

  • Re ADA sign mounting distance. An ADA sign with either left or right justified tactile lettering can not be uniformly placed a set distance from the swing of the door since 703.4.2 requires an 18"x18" square floor space to be centered on the tactile message not the sign as a whole. This means that a sign with a longer message must be placed further away from the door latch side than a sign with a smaller message, resulting in sign installations that are not uniform - one sign's edge might be able to be placed 6" from the swing while another must be placed 9" due to longer messages. This also results in the sign being placed different distances from the swing on left vs. right latch side doors. However, we see many contractors simply centering the sign itself on the 18" square space rather than centering on the tactile. This would result in a more uniform and pleasing look, but will you clarify whether this type of mounting is or is not compliant?
  • What type of facilities are considered licensed long term care facilities under Section 233.2 of the 2010 ADA Standards? Do licensed long term care facilities include independent living facilities? Assisted living facilities? Only skilled nursing care?
  • In a hotel/transient lodging facility, what is the appropriate accessible bed height?

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