Accessible Transient Lodging

Thursday, July 11, 2019
2:30 PM Eastern Time Zone


This session will address and clarify requirements in the ADA and ABA Accessibility Standards for hotels, motels, and other types of transient lodging facilities. It will cover the required number and dispersion of compliant guest rooms and suites, including those providing communication access. Presenters will review requirements for guest accommodations and amenities, such as sleeping areas, bathrooms, storage, signage, fire alarms, phones, as well as check-in counters, fitness centers, swimming pools and spas, bars and restaurants, and conference rooms. They will also highlight common errors and omissions in the design and construction of transient lodging facilities.

Continuing Education Recognition Available

Certificate Credit hours
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Bill Botten, Accessibility Specialist, Office of Technical and Information Services, U.S. Access Board

Deborah A. Ryan, Owner, Deborah A. Ryan & Associates

Questions for presenters:

1 For an accessible hotel guestroom equipped with a 30" x 60" roll-in shower and no tub, is a beveled 1/2" high threshold permitted along the 60" width?
2 When a mobility accessible guest room suite is required to have 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom mobility accessible are all of the bedrooms, bathrooms, living room (often a sleeping area) required to have accessible controls 44"-48", accessible drapery wands, accessible storage (e.g. closet shelving and closet rods), and to what extent do these "typical" types of features extend to the other areas of the unit. See 806.2 & 806.2 Advisory.
3 What should the overall height of a mattress be in an accessible room?
4 If there is a soaking/spa tub in an accessible room that also has a roll-in shower, what are the requirements for height of tub, clearances, grab bars, etc. at the tub?
5 What signage is required for hotel, and what guest rooms must have this signage?
6 Why is there NO standard bed heights rooms only with roll in shower ? @Hotels & motels- Only rooms with A roll in showers ? Hilton had a newly remodeled room bed was 37”High -very concerned. My son wheelchair an roll in shower chair At 32” high - A wheelchair person could traveling alone Would not be able to get in to bed . This has been a common problem with hotels As we have traveled for 20 yrs. Why is no guidelines for Bed heights Only for rooms with roll in shower that’s is truly For handicap .
7 Is there a height requirement for the bed measured from the floor to the top of the mattress?
8 What about accessible Homeless shelters, ie stairs, bunk beds, service animals, shower areas? Many times Social Service Agencies don’t always take that in consideration.
9 Are housing like Air b’ B have the same responsibilities as hotels? And what ate there responsibilities?
10 What approach is to be used when you cannot make an accessible route to a guest room due to terrain and other existing conditions?
11 In order to provide a two bedroom, is it permissible to use a smaller bed in a two bed ADA room (i.e two double beds, rather than two queens), when other double rooms have two queens due to the size of the room not being large enough?
12 Is there a minimum width for transaction counter?
13 Do the accessible beds, lockers & tables (for dining) have to be designated with an ISA symbol? If not, are they required to be identified with other signs?
14 Will the PowerPoint presentation be available for download prior to webinar? I would like a copy so that I can annotate slides during the presentation.
15 Why are there no ADA standards regarding height requirements under a bed to accommodate a Hoyer Lift? Most hotels/motels have solid frames under the beds. This includes the ADA rooms.
16 Battery
17 Can you address whether private vacation rentals fall within the definition of public accommodation under the ADA with respect to service dog access.
18 Hotel Bed Heights are from 24 inches to 32 inches Above the Finished floor. As a barrier free consultant and knowing that this will not work for someone with mobility impairment (reference bench seat heights or toilet seat heights 17 to 19 inches), am I legally responsible to ask the interior designer, architect, or transient lodging owner to provide access to and make the bed usable by an individual with a disability so they can stay at the hotel? I have at time let the design and property owner team know that the high beds are not usable. I have been told Beds are not covered therefore they do not need to comply.
19 Are standard deep hotel lavatories in ADA rooms allowed to be installed so the beginning of the bowl (where you can place your face at) is 3 to 6 inches from the leading edge of the vanity counter? I am seeing this done more to provide the knee clearance. Unfortunately it drastically affects the primary use of the sink bowl. Individuals in wheelchairs cannot all bend torso forward and sitting in a chair makes it more difficult to find this type of lavatory installation usable for teeth brushing, shaving, face washing, the water ends up in your lap. Is there a maximum distance for the placement of the leading edge of a sink bowl in a counter? Wall hung lavatories leading edges of bowls are 1 to 2 inches away from the rim edge.
20 If the first occupancy of an existing building is completed prior to March 1991 and more than 50% is gutted leaving only load bearing construction, is new construction required to comply to FFHA? I understand it is required to comply with the IBC or latest local building code and ADA 2010 at public accommodations, but unsure if it's required to comply with FFHA as well. Thank you.
21 Is there any way a hotel can be required to have the bed mattress and box spring put on a platform that can be removed and the mattress and box spring placed directly on the floor so as to lower the total bed height for direct wheelchair transfer rather than on a fixed in place platform which makes the mattress too high for such a transfer?

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