Using the ADA and ABA Standards Series: Chapter 2: Scoping - New Construction

Thursday, February 6, 2020
2:30 PM Eastern Time Zone


The ADA and ABA Standards provide “scoping” provisions that specify which (or how many) elements, spaces, and rooms must comply in newly built and altered facilities. These requirements cover the required number of accessible routes, parking spaces, entrances, restrooms, signs, and many other building elements and spaces. Scoping provisions also exempt certain structures and spaces. This session will review scoping requirements and exceptions in Chapter 2 of the standards that apply in new construction. Presenters will clarify common sources of confusion in this chapter, including exceptions, employee work areas, entrances, vertical access in multi-story buildings, toilet and bathing facilities, and other subjects of frequently asked questions.

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Speakers To Be Determined

Questions for presenters:

1 Webinar that just ended says this one will be on 2.9.2020?
2 I had a problem logging in before. Did anyone else that registered? See my email.
3 Are non-fixed dining room tables, in a restaurant, required to be accessible?
4 What do you recommend as far as knobs or buttons for laundry machines?

Session Questions

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