Using the ADA and ABA Standards Series: Chapter 4: Accessible Routes

Thursday, May 7, 2020
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern Time Zone


This session will review scoping and technical provisions for accessible routes in the ADA and ABA Accessibility Standards (Chapter 4). These requirements ensure access from entry onto a site to all facilities, spaces, and elements required to comply. Chapter 4 addresses walking surfaces, doors, doorways and gates, ramps, curb ramps, elevators, and platform lifts. Presenters will address common sources of confusion and frequently asked questions about these provisions.

Continuing Education Recognition Available

Certificate Credit hours
California Architects Board 1.5
Certificate of Attendance 1.5
ICC 1.5


Bill Botten, Training Coordinator, Senior Accessibility Specialist, Office of Technical and Information Services, U.S. Access Board

Randall Duchesneau, Accessibility Specialist, U.S. Access Board

Questions for presenters:

1 Does the Accessible route require to be specified in the Site Plan and Floor Plans?
2 I would like to know more about the travel path in around handicapped parking spaces. thx.
3 What are acceptable standards for paved, and non-paved park trails?
4 Can you give examples of firm, stable, and slip-resistant steel surfaces for bridging drainage through a sidewalk? The standard seems to be "checkered plate", but I have heard some RAS's do not consider this slip-resistant.
5 Are you aware of any research on digital way finding in outdoor environments for persons with sight loss?
6 Should these standards/scoping criteria be used for pedestrian routes within the public right-of-way?
7 Please discuss what it means for access to an "employee work area" when the work area should allow the disabled to enter and leave the work area. Does this mean a turning radius is needed inside the work area? Door maneuvering clearances inside the employee work area, etc?
8 If doing full in-depth street reconstruction (widening of street) on a street that has city facilities (WIC, Sr Ctr, Public Pool) but had no sidewalks, are sidewalks required to be placed even if on 1 side of the street only?
9 What is the status of the Proposed Accessibility Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities in the Public Right-of-Way?
10 If an accessible route crosses a large plaza, that slopes down in two directions, what are the maximum slopes that can be used?
11 Older buildings that have been used for medical arts, the building in question has a platform lift to gain access to the second level of a 2 story building, is this acceptable per the ADA code? The platform lift is located in a hoist-way on the outside of the building.
12 There used to be a phrase "most accessible route" that was a requirement for accessible routes, but I have not found tht phrase recently. Is that still a requirement and what would that mean?

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