Jennifer Eckel

Project Director


Jennifer Eckel is a Project Director at CESSI. During recent renovations to the building in which CESSI leases office space, Jennifer provided information and technical assistance to building managers and contractors to assure they had factored accessibility into their plans, and were working from current standards. Prior to working on this contract with CESSI, Jennifer was the Principal Investigator of the Northeast DBTAC (at Cornell University) and was the Project Director of the New England DBTAC at the inception of the ADA Technical Assistance program. Jennifer became interested in the promotion of the Americans with Disabilities Act during her work at the Electronic Industries Foundation. Through the Foundations operation of Project with Industry programs, more than 1,000 applicants with disabilities filled competitive jobs in the electronic and aero-space industries each year of program operation. Jennifer holds BSW and MBA degrees and has completed training as an EEOC mediator and the Society of Human Resource Managers, Professional in Human Resources (PHR) course.