Mark Rew

Team Lead
Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program


Mark Rew is the team lead for the team providing accommodations to individuals with low vision, who are blind, and who have cognitive disabilities within the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP). CAP provides assistive technology to assure that individuals with disabilities and wounded service members have equal access to the IT environment and opportunities of the Department of Defense and other Federal agencies. Mr. Rew's team performs needs assessments to provide the appropriate accommodations for the job requirements. The team purchases the equipment and training free to the individual and free to the agency. Mr. Rew is the Section 508 coordinator for Military Health Systems and supports IT staff with access and interoperability technical issues. Mr. Rew is involved with out reach and education to agencies, vendors, and advocacy groups. CAP has provided over 81,500 accommodations to the Department of Defense and 66 partner agencies. Mr. Rew holds a Masters of Science in Computer Science from Bowie State University. Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP),