Lucia Greco

Web Accessibility Evangelist


Lucy Greco is a Web Accessibility Evangelist who has been blind since birth. She first started using computers in 1985. Since then, people have come to Lucy asking questions, such as:
  • How can I experience email as a blind person?

  • How can I experience using a word processor as a person who can't use his/her hands?

Because of these types of questions, Lucy quickly found that she loved doing user studies and became interested in the field of User Experience.

Lucy’s passion drove her to find the answers to these questions and more. In 2005, Lucy joined the UC Berkeley Disabled Students Program as the Assistive Technology Specialist. For eight years she consulted with hundreds of UC Berkeley students on what was the best technology for a person with a disability, and how a person with a disability can use required technology. In 2012, Lucy joined IST as the campus Web Accessibility Evangelist, and now leads the Electronic Accessibility Committee (EAC). Lucy also consults with many vendors for the university and beyond to be sure she keeps learning about the newest ways to make interactive interfaces work for everyone.