Looking Ahead - "Frontier Accessibility Issues"

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Access Board members and staff continue to examine future trends, new products, and designs in terms of their impact on communication and facility access for persons with disabilities. This session will review some of the more recent issues and technologies that have caught the Board’s attention. Some examples include mobility devices being allowed on commercial airlines, inclusive exercise equipment and developing standards, adult changing tables, autonomous vehicles, and wayfinding through the use of beacons that provide real-time location and support. Session participants are encouraged to provide questions in advance about a future trend or technology.
Bill Botten Accessibility Specialist, Office of Technical and Information Services U.S. Access Board
Michele Erwin Founder and President All Wheels Up
Seanna L. Kringen Research Scientist Beneficial Designs, Inc.
Note: Captioning will only be available on the Blackboard Collaborate Formated version of the presentation available in the Blackboard Webinar Archives link. Captions are not available in the MP4 version of the presentation.