Connecting All People to "Places:" Content and Design Considerations for App Accessibility

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Planning for accessibility at the beginning of any project is critical. This same principle holds true for mobile applications. During the development of their "Places" app, the National Park Service knew from the beginning that the app would need to be accessible in its operation. They also planned for the delivery of automatically triggered audio description at outdoor exhibit panels and significant places on the landscape. What couldn't be planned was how the accessibility features and operation would change the app itself in addition to the perspectives of the programmers and designers working on the project. Our presenters will use the "Places" app to discuss what everyone should think about during the planning and execution of making mobile apps accessible.

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Michele Hartley, Media Accessibility Coordinator, Harpers Ferry Center, National Park Service

John Tobiason, Digital and Social Media Specialist, Harpers Ferry Center for Media Services, National Park Service