Ask an ADA Professional Questions RE: Parking and the ADA

Wednesday, January 11, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time Zone


During this session individuals will have the opportunity to ask ADA professionals questions about accessible parking. To ensure your question is answered during the session, individuals are highly encouraged to submit their questions ahead of time via the registration website (option to submit questions is available once you have registered for the session).

Human generated captioning and Sign Language Interpreter will be provided in this session.

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Nancy Horton, Information Specialist, Mid-Atlantic ADA Center

Jennifer Lin Perry, Access Specialist, Northeast ADA Center

Questions for presenters:

1 Our state is steadily increasing the number of required EV charging spaces at lots with 100 or more total spaces. What is the guidance on situations where there are 5 or more charging spaces, should the accessible one also be restricted for vehicles with a disability parking permit (i.e. the car would be electric and have to display a disability parking permit)?
2 Please describe an actual design of an ADA/Accessible on-street parking space in a busy metropolitan area - if possible, provide a photograph of one.
3 I live in a rural area in the North Georgia Mountains, and face a reoccurring problem with ADA parking. About 1/6 of parking in my town and the surrounding towns are gravel lots that fit between 5 cars to 50 cars. There are no ADA parking spaces, and no attempt at all to have temporary ADA spaces. If you add ADA spaces to a gravel lot wouldn't they need to pave the spaces and access aisles to make the spaces firm, stable, and slip resistant. Can there be gravel spaces that are unpaved and meet the standards?
4 My town has ADA spaces that have correct signage, correct width, access aisle is correct, but they are the only ADA spaces on one side of town, and they are compact vehicles only. Can ADA spaces be for compact cars only?
5 2010 ada standards states Accessible parking spaces must be located on the shortest accessible route of travel to an accessible facility entrance. Where buildings have multiple accessible entrances with adjacent parking, the accessible parking spaces must be dispersed and located closest to the accessible entrances. IF they are 5 storefronts in a building do the parking spaces have to be placed in front of each door?
6 With the number of aging/handicapped population increasing, is there any chance the ADA will possibly add to the number of Handicapped parking spaces in each level of the parking space grid showing how many handicapped parking spaces and van accessible spaces are needed? It seems there are never enough.
7 Regarding barriers and access aisles. Can we have barriers on two sides of the access aisle? Keeping the long side along the vehicle parking space open and one short end open to connect to the accessible pathway. I have never seen the short side of the aisle blocked/have a barrier on the vehicle drive side, but I can't find any regulations against it. Thanks!
8 Describe the difference between handicap accessible parking and ADA parking
9 Municipality of Anchorage recently eliminated parking minimums for all land uses from our municipal code. In reading section III of ADA Regulations it appears that all commercial land uses are required to provide ADA accommodations including site access and parking. However Section 508 states if parking is provided what the minimum number of spaces and standards. My question for commercial land use development. Does section III of the ADA regulation require that at least one accessible space be provided if the developer choose to not provide any parking spaces as may be allowed per our municipal parking code requirements. Can a developer choose not to provide accessible parking?
10 At our Community Building we have a North and a South Entrance. The North Entrance is fully ADA Accessible and has the required number of handicap parking spots; however, the South Entrance is not ADA Accessible. We have some Elected Officials that are insisting on placing handicap parking spots in that lot, but is it required if entrance is not ADA Accessible? This parking lot is also very small and has parking for less than 20 vehicles.
11 Within a commercial parking lot, are there any ADA requirements that restrict a crosswalk to be placed in proximity to an accessible parking space where a parked vehicle would need to back into the crosswalk when exiting that space?

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