Ric Edwards

ADA Director
Indiana Department of Natural Resources


Ric Edwards currently serves as the ADA Director for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. He started working for the State of Indiana in 1978 with the State Board of Tax Commissioners and in 1993 was appointed as Indiana’s State ADA Coordinator where he oversaw the State’s ADA implementation, trained the State Agency coordinators, and has since conducted trainings for a wide range of audiences, including, local and state governments, public and private employers, and a variety of businesses. Ric has served and continues to serve on a wide range of disability related committees in the State. His personal experience with employment discrimination based on disability has given him a unique perspective in accessibility in the natural environment, employment arena as both an employee with a disability and a manager of employees. He utilizes this experience and his knowledge of the ADA to work effectively with employers and employees to understand the reasonable accommodation process as well as the importance and impact of providing correct physical access. Ric is a strong advocate of accessible environments and has been an active advocate for accessibility in the community where he and his family live.