Jason Stora

Chief, Accessibility Division
California State Parks


Jason Stora is Chief of the Accessibility Division at California State Parks. Jason began with California State Parks in 2007 as a State Park Peace Officer (Ranger). During his time as a ranger, Jason had the pleasure of public service at several of California’s inland reservoirs while “getting paid in sunsets.” From 2010-2012, Jason served in the Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS) with California State Parks. During his time with OGALS, Jason was a member of the competitive grant team and awarded more than $360 million to local jurisdictions for the creation of new parks and recreation opportunities in underserved communities across California. In 2014 Jason transitioned to the Accessibility Program at California State Parks, providing accessibility consultation and training to park staff, handling accessibility complaints, and conducting accessibility project reviews. As the Chief of Accessibility, Jason is the singular and key policy advisor to executive staff, regulatory boards and commissions, and the Governor’s Office regarding all accessibility policy matters and developments in the court settlement of Tucker v. California Department of Parks and Recreation. Jason holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Planning & Interpretation, with emphasis in Recreation from Cal Poly Humboldt (formerly Humboldt State University).