Kathleen Eubanks

Director of Continuing Education
Prospector Theater


Kathleen Eubanks began her career managing and executing Corporate Meetings, Sponsorships & Marketing, & Special Events for such companies as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Time Warner (now known as Warner Media), and Patina Restaurant Group at The Metropolitan Opera House.

She loved what she did, but felt that there was something missing, and knew that there was an opportunity out there to make an impact. She wanted to pursue a mission with a purpose; something bigger than herself.

In December 2015, while reading Traditional Home magazine, she came across an article about women making a difference. This article included Valerie Jensen, the Visionary and Founder of the Prospector Theater in Ridgefield, CT. Kathleen had heard about the Theater from her nieces, as it was their favorite movie theater to go to. She spent so much time in NYC working that she had not had the opportunity to go to the Prospector. She started going to the Theater with her family and knew immediately that this was where she wanted to work. She finally found the mission she wanted to devote the 2nd chapter of her life to, working for a non-profit dedicated to providing competitive and integrated employment to people with disabilities.

Kathleen began working at the Prospector Theater in 2016, and now oversees the Service Learning Program, the Sensory Friendly Screenings, and making sure the Theater is current on ADA compliance and accessibility.