Ryan Wenke

Director of Theater Operations
Prospector Theater


Ryan Wenke is the Director of Theater Operations at the Prospector Theater. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Acting at Emerson College, Ryan returned to his hometown of Ridgefield, CT to help build and grow the Prospector’s mission of meaningful employment for adults with disabilities. His experience in the entertainment arts led to the creation of the Prospector’s Membership Program in 2016, which uses gamification as a tool to engage patrons, connect communities, and highlight talent. The success of a platform that utilizes gaming prompted Ryan to create a Video Game class with other Prospects who also share this passion. Since the inception of game class, the team has designed and created a web-based game, and regularly incorporates technology/virtual reality/pixel art installations for guests to experience during opening weekends of first-run films.

As part of an effort to use custom technology to solve the theater’s needs, Ryan created a proprietary Assessment Portal that tracks and measures employee growth throughout every department. In 2018, Ryan spearheaded a launch of a mobile app in collaboration with The Box Office Company. The app allows guests to easily purchase tickets, and introduces the feature of being able to add a donation during the checkout process.