Cindy Housner

Executive Director and Founder
Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association


Cindy Housner is the Founder and Executive Director of Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association (GLASA), a nationally recognized non-profit organization that provides adaptive and Paralympic sports programs to youth and adults, including veterans, who have a physical or visual disability.

Cindy’s credentials include:

• Current Track Coach for Team GLASA;

• 2019 Co-Leader Team USA Paralympic Junior World Championships

• Games Director for the Great Lakes Regional Games and Adult National Open 2006-present;

• Competition committee for Move United

• Co-Team Leader 2015 & 2018 International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Foundation; World Junior Games, Team USA;

• Past Board Member of Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports, USA;

• Former Executive Director for the National Wheelchair Athletic Association;

• Games Director of the 2010 National Junior Disability Championships;

• Team USA Athletic Manager for Seoul Paralympic Games.