Accessibility for Gov Communicators: Tactics and Techniques You Can Use Today to Keep Your Projects on the Right Side of Section 508 Rules

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It's every government communicator's worst nightmare: You're rushing to meet a deadline, eager to make an important press announcement online or release a critical tool-like an application form-on your website. You're coming down the home stretch with the finish line in your sights, when out of the blue, your project fails its 508 check. "Not compliant," your IT staff or 508 coordinator inform you, "We can't publish this." Want to learn how to steer clear of this situation? Join the Federal CIO Council Accessibility Community of Practice, the Access Board, and the Federal Communicators Network for a webinar on accessibility tactics and techniques. Avoid getting your material bounced back to you with tips you can use in your public affairs, digital communications, and internal/employee communications work. We will cover the creation of content, both external and internal to the agency, common areas in which communications projects run into issues, how accessibility benefits your audience, and how and when to work with your 508 coordinator and IT shop on accessibility.We will address the issues that you need to be aware of when you present your message to fellow members of your agency or to the public. Accessibility isn't really that difficult once you know what you're doing. So, keep yourself out of hot water: register today!

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Don Barrett, Section 508 Coordinator, Department of Education

Britt Ehrhardt, Co-Chair, Federal Communicators Network

Matthew T. Harmon, Director of Web Operations & Communications, DHS

Bernetta Reese, Web and New Media Manager (Acting), First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet)

Dick Stapleton, Deputy Director, Digital Communications Division, HHS