Assistive Technology and 508

Thursday, May 22, 2014


What is assistive technology (AT)? How is it used? How do different agencies provide it? What trends exist in the federal government regarding AT usage? What are future trends likely to be? What are some common workarounds when AT and regular IT don't interact well? This webinar will be useful to Section 508 practitioners who do not have the opportunity to work with assistive technology and who are not really sure of the distinction between assistive technology and accessibility. This webinar will provide examples of the differences between accessibility and assistive technology used to achieve access. The panelists will discuss different approaches to managing requests for AT within the federal government. For many employees with disabilities and members of the public, AT is vitally important in allowing them to obtain access to information and data provided by technology. This webinar will focus on this very relevant topic. These panelists will discuss how their agencies use AT, what barriers they have faced in obtaining and using AT and how to proceed when the AT and IT are not compatible and a workaround is needed.

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Timothy Creagan, Senior Accessibility Specialist, U.S. Access Board

Alison Levy, Disability Employment Program Manager, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Mark Rew, Team Lead, Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program

Terry Triggs, Front Line Manager, 508 Customer Support, IRS