How Four Federal Agencies Handle Section 508 Testing: A Case Study

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


How do different federal agencies conduct Section 508 testing? What are some of the issues faced by different agencies and how do they address them? How do agencies make the most of their existing resources to implement testing? What recommendations do these agencies have for other agencies? This webinar will provide an overview of how four different agencies conduct Section 508 testing: Department of Education, Department of Transportation, Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Labor. The panelists will discuss the resources available to their agency, how they conduct testing and what they have learned as a result of their experiences. Their experiences run the spectrum from developing programs with minimal resources and developing infrastructures to more mature programs with robust resources and institutionalized processes.

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Don Barrett, Section 508 Coordinator, Department of Education

Jonni Burnham, Acting Manager, Disability Resource Center-Department of Transportation

Jennifer Horan, Section 508 Program Manager, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Mark D. Urban, HHS Program Team Co-Chair and CDC Section 508 Coordinator, CDC