Federal Accessibility Communities of Practice, Now and in the Future

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When an agency is attempting to become 508-conformant, what resources are available? What communities of experts in accessibility are available in the Federal government to agencies looking for information how to make websites and documents accessible? What resources exist for repeatable and reliable testing across agencies? This webinar will provide an overview of three communities of practices currently working on areas of concern to Federal agencies: web accessibility, document accessibility and testing and evaluating Web and software applications. The presenters will discuss how their respective communities of practice arose out of a desire for collaboration and information sharing to address common issues and concerns. In addition, there will be a look towards the future, addressing possible future communities of practice that are currently in development. Intended Audience: Web developers, administrators, testers, document authors, applications developers or testers, mobile developers or project managers, and 508 practitioners
Bruce Bailey Accessibility Specialist/Information Technology Specialist US Access Board
Don Barrett Section 508 Coordinator Department of Education
Allen Hoffman Office of Accessible Systems & Technology Department of Homeland Security
Norman Robinson Office of Accessible Systems & Technology Department of Homeland Security
Note: Captioning will only be available on the Blackboard Collaborate Formated version of the presentation available in the Blackboard Webinar Archives link. Captions are not available in the MP4 version of the presentation.