Putting the Revised 508 Standards into Practice for Procurement

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


How can your agency successfully procure ICT when your procurement team is not expert in Section 508? What tools are available to agency procurement professionals, IT staff, and policy makers to help them obtain the ICT they want and need and also comply with the Revised 508 Standards?

Meet John Sullivan, Government-wide Section 508 Program Director, General Services Administration and Kevin Funk, Senior Policy Advisor, GSA as they present ways to use the Revised 508 Standards with the supporting materials developed by the intra-agency 508 Transition Team to ensure that 508 is incorporated into the procurement process.

They will discuss how agencies can use several new and revised tools to improve the procurement process, such as the Revised 508 Standards Applicability Checklist, the 508 Solicitation Conformance Chart template, and the GSA Accessibility Requirements Tool. They will also describe the Accessibility Conformance Report, and how this new conformance reporting tool supports the Revised 508 Standards and WCAG 2.0, documents the conformance level of functions and features, and provides detailed instructions to guide vendors in explaining conformance testing. This guidance will allow for more accurate and complete accessibility information from vendors, and will ensure that agencies will have what is necessary to make an effective 508 conformance and “best meets“ determination. The presenters will respond to questions from the webinar attendees, so bring your questions about the accessible procurement process.

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Kevin Funk, Senior Policy Advisor, General Services Administration (GSA)

John Sullivan, Government-wide Section 508 Program Director, GSA