Section 508 Questions and Answers with the Access Board and GSA

Tuesday, January 28, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Eastern Time Zone


In this webinar, Section 508 Specialists at the U.S. Access Board and the General Services Administration will answer your questions about the refreshed Section 508 Standards. The presenters will review questions that commonly arise in applying and meeting the 508 Standards. They will address how the standards are used in the acquisition of information technology, interpretations of various provisions in the standards, how to validate conformance with Section 508 and various types of testing tools, resources that are available to help users understand and implement Section 508, and other topics. The session is intended for an entry level audience, but all are welcome.

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Bruce Bailey, IT Specialist, U.S. Access Board

Timothy Creagan, Senior Accessibility Specialist, U.S. Access Board

Michael Horton, Accessible Design and Development Advisory, General Services Administration (GSA)

Questions for presenters:

1 As much as I did want to attend this session, your approach doesn't appear workable and no online support seems available. Will you be providing a webinar recording we can review later?
2 Microsoft SharePoint and Cisco WebEx are web-based, enterprise communication systems in use in many places (including where I work). Both seem woefully inadequate and un-accommodating. What can be done to make them more accessible?
3 What is the latest Version of JAWS which CMS supports?
4 What are some good practices for vetting EIT before purchase other than requesting a VPAT (which unfortunately are not always reliable or well-done)
5 Some Geospatial web based applications and webmaps do not have the technology to meet Section 508 compliance but they are important for distributing information to the many. What are some examples of providing alternate source of information or contacts in this situation? Does Section 508 prevent the government from using these beneficial applications to share data and information to the larger population or Agency?
6 When providing closed captions for videos with many speakers, does section 508 require identifiers in the captions for each speaker? Further, are summaries of non-critical audible information acceptable i.e. [Music] / [Background Speech] or should the words of the music / background conversaitons be included in the captions to the extent they are audible?
7 What websites or businesses are exempt from section 508 accessibility?
8 How does an organization such as State Government integrate the provisions of S.508 as it applies to access by disabled employees to internal information? What constitutes "reasonable" in that context? How far are we supposed to go when it comes to complex information on forms, network diagrams, etc.?
9 Does anyone use Adobe InDesign? If so, how do you ensure it is 508-compliant? I have had issues when using this software, and when converted to PDF, remediating has been a nightmare. Is there any suggested training or should I just use another software for document design?
10 Is there a Tips Quick Reference Card for those new to using JAWS to test computer-based instruction?
11 What free tools are available for testing color contrast for web-based training?
12 My question is about testing WCAG 1.3.2 Meaningful Sequence. My understanding is that it is best tested when CSS is turned off and the screen is read without the style sheets to ensure the DOM is coded in correct order. However, as most screen readers now understand style sheet technology, is this requirement outdated? Or am I misinterpreting it and it applies to tabbing through the screen with the style sheets on?
13 What are the Chapter 2 scoping requirements regarding procuring assistive technology products/programs? Do these products and services need to go through a rigorous review or is there some leniency since they're used to enhance or increase accessibility?
14 Are there any websites that can provide a more robust explanation on how to evaluate hardware products?
15 how long is the webinar?
16 I found a 11/29/2017 presentation by Helen Chamberlain on the revised standard that stated "The DoJ Office of Civil Rights has stated that even significant expense does not constitute an Undue Burden if it can be proven that the cost of complying could have been reduced by planning for accessibility from the outset". Do you have the DoJ citation for this?
17 Hello. Please review best methods to use to address tag issues identified as errors through the use of CommonLook Validator to ensure documents are 508 compliant.
18 Hello. Please review best methods to use to address tag issues identified as errors through the use of CommonLook Validator to ensure documents are 508 compliant.

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