Please note if you have already attended the live webinar session earlier, you will not receive credit for attending the archive session in self paced webinars.

This session offers 1.5 contact hours for an AIA certificate, or a Great Lakes ADA Center Certificate of Attendance if you successfully complete each of the following steps. You may want to print this page so that you can follow along with the steps as you move through the stages of the Self Paced Webinar program.

Please download all relevant session materials you will need prior to the beginning of the self paced webinar.


    First you will take the Pre-Test. The Pre-Test is not graded but after you complete it you will receive a message explaining any incorrect answers that you may have made to assist you in your learning.


    After you watch the full webinar recording, you must take the Post-test and earn a passing score of 80% or higher to receive continuing education credit. After you take the Post-Test we will provide you with feedback on your test responses to help in your learning. You may retake the post-test over again if you need to, so that you can earn a passing score. Again, be careful not to refresh the page while you are waiting for your scores to post. It may take a few moments, please wait.  

    NOTE: Do not refresh the page or leave the webpage at any time or you will have to restart the program from the beginning.
  3. Certificate

    Once you receive a passing score for the Post-test your results are submitted automatically to the Great Lakes ADA Center. Your request for continuing education credits will be processed and the certificate will post to your account after 5 business days.

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