Julie Tracy

MA, CCC-SLP, Founder
Urban Autism Solutions


Julie Tracy founded Urban Autism Solutions with her husband Michael, in 2012, after recognizing a void when it came to providing young adults with autism the three core components they needed to successfully transition into adulthood: residential, social and vocational programs. Her youngest son John, was the impetus for starting Urban Autism Solutions, and the Tracy’s believed strongly in a pay-it forward model, giving back to others who didn’t necessarily have the resources and access to quality programs that could help them too. Julie also serves as the President of A+ Autism Solution, a DHS licensed company which accepts the HCBW for residential services.

A Speech-Language Pathologist for more than 36 years, Julie was also the owner of Pediatric Speech, Language and Literacy Services, a boutique pediatric evaluation and therapy business which served the needs of children with complex language and learning difficulties for more than 13 years. Julie has also provided speech and language evaluation and treatment at Evanston and Glenbrook Hospitals, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago Institute for Neurosurgery and Neuro-Research and the Cove School. She has lectured and served as a clinical supervisor for the Northwestern University Voice, Speech and Language Service in the Department of Otolaryngology and has authored several articles related to communication disorders. Julie currently lectures and provides supervision for graduate students in the Rush University Communication Disorders and Sciences Program.

Julie attended Northwestern University and received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Speech and Language Pathology from the School of Speech-Communication Sciences and Disorders. She is a member of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and the Illinois Speech-Language and Hearing Association and an advisory board member to the Rush University Occupational Therapy Department.

Julie has created programs and served hundreds of children with and without special needs in the areas of recreation, education, religious education and agricultural engagement.