Tara Ahern

Community Organizer
IL Self Advocacy Alliance


Tara Ahern is a disability advocate and photographer from Evanston, IL with degrees from New York University (B.A.) & DePaul University (M.S.). Tara's passion for disability rights stems from her own experiences living & loving with Muscular Dystrophy, (a degenerative neurological disease), and also wanting to live in a world where disability is no longer a barrier to inclusion and equality. She works as the Project Director for The IL Self Advocacy Alliance, a statewide entity that engages in legislative, advocacy and awareness initiatives relating to disability, sexuality, health care, services and education. Tara spearheaded The Alliance Ambassador Leadership Program for adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities to learn critical skills to participate in advocacy and work opportunities. She also serves as co-chair for IL Imagines, a statewide project to improve services to people with disabilities who are survivors of sexual violence. Outside of her work in disability, Tara pursues her passion of photography at her own company, Roots of Life Photography. In her spare time, Tara serves on the Miss Amazing Advisory Board and facilitates activities for people with disabilities at Center for Independent Futures in Evanston, IL.