Josh Schorr

Accessibility Specialist, Office of Technical and Information Services
U.S. Access Board


Josh Schorr is an Accessibility Specialist working for the U.S. Access-Board. Originally hired as a contractor to create animation guides helping explain ADA Standards in 2010, Josh began working directly for the U.S. Access-Board in 2019. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design, he has spent his professional career working as a teacher and trainer. He has ranged from teaching middle school aged children videogame design, to creating training manuals and software for an alternative financial service, to teaching a course at George Washington University on 3D Motion Graphics.

Josh is currently creating training material to help understanding of the ADA and ABA for a more general audience. Board animations, online content, and printed guides that promote an understanding of how different aspects of accessible design coalesce and how persons with disabilities interact with their environment.