Kimberly Kennedy-Barrington, PhD

U.S. Navy Veteran and Founder/CEO of 100 Shades of Diverse Abilities


Dr. Kimberly Kennedy-Barrington is an Honorably discharged Navy Veteran who experiences firsthand the challenges and barriers faced by persons with diverse abilities. She suffers from military related PTSD, has had 5 head surgeries, thyroid cancer and suffered a stroke which has made her a wheelchair user for the last nine years. She has also had two surgeries where her teeth and part of her jaw bones were removed due to a rare bone disorder. She is visually and hearing impaired. Dr. Barrington understands what it means to have served this country, face hardships, homelessness, disrespect, disappointment and fears for the future. She has made it her life's mission to dismantle the collective perception of what disABILITY is…NOT! She (We) Live Authentically, Out Loud and in Color!