Kristina Ericson, MSW, CPACC, ADAC

Program Access Administrator, Division of Disability Rights
City and County of Denver, Colorado


Kristina Ericson, MSW, CPACC, ADAC (she/her) is the Program Access Administrator for Denver’s Division of Disability Rights. Her work centers around accessibility education, connecting community members to disability resources, working with the Commission for People with Disabilities, and ensuring that City and County programs are accessible and compliant with disability rights laws. Kristina holds a B.A. from Long Island University’s Global College, and a Masters in Social Work and Policy from Washington University in St. Louis. She proudly services on a variety of local, state, and national accessibility boards and working groups. Kristina has lived in more than a dozen countries, is an NYC AmeriCorps alumnus, and is the Operations Director and Co-Founder of the Adaptive Climbers Festival – an annual, non-profit, rock climbing event for the paraclimbing community. She lives in the mountains above Denver with two giant dogs, where she is an avid snowboarder, climber, and backpacker.