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Accessibility Online

AccessibilityOnline represents a collaborative training program between the ADA National Network and the US Access Board. The AccessibilityOnline Webinar Series offers free webinars on a variety of topics concerning accessibility to the built environment, information and communication technologies, and transportation.

Next Session: Using the ADA and ABA Standards Series: Chapter 9: Built-In Elements 11/5/2020 - 2:30 PM EST
Archive: Using the ADA and ABA Standards Series: Chapter 8: Special Rooms, Spaces, and El... 10/1/2020


ADAOnline2020 represents a series of sessions that were originally slated to be presented at the 2020 National ADA Symposium in Kansas City, MO May 10-13, 2020.

Next Session: Emergency Preparedness* 10/21/2020 - 2:30 PM EST
Archive: Self-Evaluation and Transition Plans (Part 2 of 2 part session) 10/15/2020

ADA Audio

The ADA Audio Conference Series provides in-depth information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This program is designed to enhance an individual's existing knowledge base or facilitate continued learning regarding regulations and trends under the ADA.

Next Session: The ADA, Playgrounds and a School District in Iowa-Case Study 11/17/2020 - 2:00 PM EST
Archive: Moving the Needle on Disability Employment 9/15/2020

ADA Legal

ADA Legal Webinar Series is designed for individuals who have a working knowledge of the ADA and are familiar with its basic elements. Sessions are intended to support continued learning and focus on the knowledge that has been gained since the implementation of the law in terms of how the federal agencies and the courts are interpreting the law and subsequent regulations.

Next Session: Spotlight on Mental Health: Understanding Psychiatric Advance Directives 11/18/2020 - 2:00 PM EST
Archive: Criminal Justice and the ADA 9/16/2020

Accessible Technology

Accessible Technology Webinar Series goal is to increase awareness of technology accessibility for people with disabilities in areas such as electronic information and how communications technology can work to provide equal access to the workplace and social media.

Next Session: Accessible Kiosks 11/19/2020 - 2:00 PM EST
Archive: Digital Accessibility: What have we learned and what does the future hold? 7/23/2020

ADA Conferences

Section 508

This series of webinars will address a variety of issues associated with ensuring federal agencies have the knowledge they need to meet their obligations under Section 508. The series is co-sponsored by the Accessibility Committee of the CIO Council, the U. S. Access Board, and eFedLink/ODEP. The sessions are 90 minutes in length. Real-Time captioning and Video Sign Language Interpreter are available for each session and will be broadcast via the webinar platform. A telephone option for receiving audio is also available (non-toll free number).

Next Session: Creating accessible websites using the U.S. Web Design System (USWDS) and the 21... 11/24/2020 - 1:00 PM EST
Archive: 9/29/2020 - Managing for Accessibility Throughout the Acquisition Lifecycle 9/29/2020