Leave as an accommodation: How do you determine if it is "Reasonable"?

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Session Outdated

This session is outdated. Please check the schedule or archives for more recent webinars on this topic.


Do you feel that granting "leave" for employees with disabilities becomes a tangled web of FMLA, sick /vacation time and leave as an accommodation? When is leave "reasonable"? How does leave under the ADA differ from leave under FMLA? Is "come to work when able" sufficient information to determine whether or not a request for leave as an accommodation is "reasonable"? What type of documentation can an employer request? Are there maximums for leave under the ADA? How do I determine whether or not the leave is related to the disability? Can leave under the ADA be combined with leave granted under FMLA? Do the rules under FMLA apply under ADA? Join our speaker as she untangles the confusion that often surrounds this topic.