ADA Restoration Act: Legislative Update

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Congressmen Sensenbrenner, Jr (R-WI) and Hoyer (D-MD) introduced a bi-partisan bill that would restore protections for individuals intended to be covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 in September, 2006. This piece of legislation was not passed before the end of the 109th Congress. It is anticipated that this piece of legislation will once again be introduced during the new 110th Congress and under very different circumstances given the outcome of the 2006 elections. The ADA Restoration Act as it is currently known is intended to restore the ADA to its "original intent" and address several decisions made by the US Supreme Court over the past 16 years. Join this session to learn about the history and intent of the ADA Restoration Act and the future of legislation that may affect the civil rights of individuals with disabilities.


Alexandra Finucane Vice President, Legal and Government Affairs for the Epilepsy Foundation

Andrew Imparato Executive Director, Association of University Centers on Disabilities