Turning 26: A review of the current state of ADA research

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


ADA research is wide reaching and covers a large range of stakeholders and topics. The evidence base is so expansive that it is often difficult to know what information is accurate or relevant. In this webinar, the presenters draw on findings from a five-year project systematic review of ADA to discuss trends, findings, and gaps in ADA research evidence. The presenters discuss the unique challenges of documenting changes associated with the law and reveal trends in evidence about the ADA's influence. The presenters provide summary of what we know in keys areas of ADA implementation including employment, healthcare, and attitudes about people with disabilities.

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Robert Gould PhD, Instructor and Project Coordinator, Department of Disability and Human Development at UIC

Sarah Parker-Harris PhD, Associate Professor and Director, Department of Disability and Human Development at UIC