ADA National Network 30th Anniversary Series: Spotlight on The ADA Trainer Leadership Network: Building Local Capacity for ADA Implementation

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


This interactive session will provide an overview of the ADA Trainer Leadership Network (TLN), a program that equips and supports stakeholders in Regions 2, 3, 4, 9 and 10 to increase ADA understanding and implementation in local communities. Participants will learn about how our diverse membership of vocational rehabilitation professionals, self-advocates, municipal representatives, healthcare educators and others, use a specifically designed, nationally vetted curriculum to provide training and guidance on disability inclusiveness. Join us for some fun and games, as you learn about the TLN, and how to become part of this ADA National Network initiative!

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LaWanda Cook, PhD, CRC , Senior Extension Associate , Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability, Cornell University

Nettie Romanzo-Smith , Program Manager , New York State Department of Health, Disability and Health Program

Rhonda Rosenburg , Project Coordinator , New York State Department of Health, Disability and Health Program

Joe Zesski, MS , New Jersey Affiliate, Northeast ADA Center , Resources for Independent Living (RIL)