Ask the EEOC: Open Question and Answer Session

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern Time Zone


Do you have a burning question regarding the employment provisions of the ADA? Is there an accommodation issue that you are confused about? Do you have questions about what constitutes a disability under the ADA? Are you clear about what constitutes “leave“ as an accommodation under the ADA? What are the guidelines regarding the presence of companion animals and service animals in the workplace? Join us for this popular session where you will have an opportunity to ask your question. We will be accepting questions in advance of the session. The first 25 questions submitted will be given priority and then we will take questions “live“ during the session as well.

Continuing Education Recognition Available

Certificate Credit hours
Certificate of Attendance 1.5


Jeanne Goldberg, Senior Attorney Advisor, Office of Legal Counsel U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Questions for presenters:

1 When requesting an accommodation are you required to meet with the employers physician?
2 How do you determine how much time to give an employee leave under ADA?
3 Under ADA are you able to ask for a second opinion?
4 When requesting an accommodation, should the employee go to their supervisor or to HR?
5 What is considered a disability under the ADA?
6 Title II and Title III define service animal. Title I does not. Does Title I allow for emotional support animals as opposed to service animals?
7 Is the EEOC working on updating any of its ADA guidance and technical assistance documents/materials?
8 Can you quickly explain the difference between FMLA and ADA? for instance can employee use ADA for their child's disability accommodation?
9 Please address the issue of what documentation an employer may require when an employee is returning after being out on leave. May an employer require a fitness for duty examination or is documentation from the employee's doctor enough?
10 Relating to service or assistance animals, how are these animals defined in the regulations for Title I? And can an employer place restrictions on specific breeds, for examples, when considering a reasonable accommodation request from an employee (or potential employee) who uses a service or assistance animal?
11 Are unpaid workers, such as volunteers or student interns, covered by Title I of the ADA?