Ask the EEOC: Open Question and Answer

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern Time Zone


Do you have questions regarding the employment provisions of the ADA? Is there an accommodation issue that you are confused about? Do you have questions about what constitutes a disability under the ADA? Are you clear about what constitutes “leave“ as an accommodation under the ADA? What are the guidelines regarding the presence of companion animals and service animals in the workplace? Join us for this session where you will have an opportunity to ask your question. We will be accepting questions in advance of the session. The first 25 questions submitted will be given priority and then we will take questions “live“ during the session as well.

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Jeanne Goldberg, Senior Attorney Advisor, Office of Legal Counsel U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Questions for presenters:

1 Is extreme sensitivity to chemical scents (perfumes/colognes/body washes) for someone with asthma a condition covered by the ADA?
2 Can you tell us if federal agencies are required to accommodate government contractors in the same way they are civil servants? Is there such a requirement to accommodate contractors? Thank you.
3 Does an employer have to consider accommodating an employee who cannot drive/commute to work due to their health condition if the job duties do not include driving?
4 Is a private, nonprofit employer required to allow into the workplace a service dog trained to assist with mobility independence? Is a co-op apartment building with a "no pets" policy required to allow a service dog trained to assist with mobility independence?
5 what are the qualifications to be an ADA coordinator?
6 As a Federal agency, what is our responsibility/liability to an employee who voluntarily violates medical restrictions from the doctor and declines to consider alternatives offered by management, which are within the medical restrictions?
7 Will the EEOC be issuing any guidance on comfort, therapeutic, emotional support animals?
8 What is the role of the Federal District Court in make sure an employer provides an accommodation under a Federal Court Order to Reinstate employment? Especially if the order to reinstate comes after an ADA Title I discrimination claim.
9 Since any city with 50 or more employees requires that an ADA Coordinator is required, what is the best method to go about being hired as one?
10 What are the guidelines regarding the presence of companion animals and service animals in the workplace?
11 I am not clear about what constitutes “leave” as an accommodation under the ADA? Am I required to use earned Personal Time Off (P.T.O.) in order to go to medical or counseling appointments.
12 What are the potential ADA issues employers should be considering when sending an employee out for a physical or psychological fitness for duty evaluation? /
13 If an employee is on crutches and is a safety risk on the factory floor and there's no accommodation that can be made without creating an undue hardship can employee be terminated? The employee is still in his probationary period (90 days).
14 What type of accommodation(s) need to be made for employees with children and care giving? (on/off bus, scheduling accommodations, appts.) 2nd question: can you provide a checklist/guideline for the ADA interactive dialogue? Thank you!
15 There are so much misinformation out there on the ability of an employer to ask for verification of disability. Some say they cannot, and others say they can. Can you provide clarification on this, and also discuss what professionals are able to verfiy disability to employers? Thank you!
16 What trends (complications or issues) are you seeing related to employers asking for documentation/proof of a disability and needed accommodation? At what point might an employer being requesting too much information?
17 I work for a government agency. Is it legal to require employees to utilize their accumulated paid time off (sick, vacation, comp) BEFORE allowing them to utilize unpaid time for an ADA accommodation? Additionally, is an employer required to grant an accommodation request for leave (intermittent) if it will result in an undue burden on the organization?
18 When one staff person has a certified support animal at work, and another has a severe allergy to that animal, who takes precedence?

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