Question and Answer Session: on Accommodating Students with Disabilities Enrolled in Medical and Health Science Programs

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
2:00 PM Eastern Time Zone


This is a follow-up to the January 15th, 2019 session titled “Accommodating Students with Disabilities Enrolled in Medical and Health Science Programs. There was great interest in the session and a large number of questions were received during and following the Audio Conference. In response, our presenter, Lisa Meeks, will address questions from the January Audio Conference and will respond to questions submitted in advance of this session. If you did not attend the January session please review the archive prior to attending this session.

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Lisa Meeks, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan Medical School Department of Family Medicine

Questions for presenters:

1 Can you provide guidance or suggested resources for accommodation requests for students with mental health problems, like depression and anxiety? For example, we've had students request other faculty graders or schedule changes due to anxiety.
2 You have provided some helpful resources regarding best practices in developing technical standards and related processes for medical education programs. Could you provide any guidance or resources for applied healthcare fields (e.g., OT, PT, SLP), whose technical standards might look a bit different?
3 Occupational therapy educational programs are required to facilitate and track student development of professional behaviors. The faculty at my institution are revising our technical standards and could use clarification on the convergence and divergence of technical standards and professional behavior development. Could you offer any guidance on this?

Session Questions

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