David K Fram

ADA & EEO Services for the National Employment Law Institute


David K. Fram, Esq., is Director, ADA & EEO Services for the National Employment Law Institute. In this position, Mr. Fram conducts seminars, briefings, workshops, and in-house training on the ADA and other EEO laws. He also provides guidance, as well as expert witness services, during administrative proceedings and litigation. From 1991-1996, Mr. Fram was Policy Attorney in the Office of Legal Counsel of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Washington, D.C. This office formulates regulations and policy on federal EEO laws. Before this, Mr. Fram was with the firm of Hogan & Hartson in Washington, D.C., where he represented employers in a broad range of employment issues. Mr. Fram has spoken extensively around the country concerning ADA and EEO issues, and has trained thousands of HR professionals, attorneys, and others representing manufacturers, federal, state and local governments, colleges and universities, hospitals and health service providers, benefit providers, non-profits, and law firms and bar associations, among others. He also has trained hundreds of EEOC investigators and EEOC attorneys who analyze and resolve ADA claims. In addition, Mr. Fram has consulted with EEOC investigators and EEOC attorneys during the investigation and resolution of all forms of discrimination complaints. Mr. Fram has written on a variety of employment issues. Recent ADA books and articles include: Resolving ADA Workplace Questions: How Courts and Agencies are Dealing with Employment Issues (NELI; 18th Edition 4/2005); The Human Resource Guide to Answering ADA Workplace Questions: Checklists and Practical Hints for Human Resources Personnel (NELI; 4th Edition 7/2002); Articles: "Lessons in Effectively Communicating to Avoid ADA Lawsuits," ADA Compliance Guide (Thompson: 5/04); "Recognizing Covered Long Term Impairments," ADA Compliance Guide (Thompson: 1/04); "Understanding the ADA's Reassignment Obligation," Employment Law Strategist (7/03); "ADA Update: The Emerging Definition of 'Disability,' " Corporate Counsel's Guide to the ADA (BLI: 2/03); "Employers' Qualification Standards Must Comport with ADA," ADA Compliance Guide (Thompson: 3/02); "Plausible Explanations for Inconsistent Statements," ADA Compliance Guide (Thompson: 8/01); "Aftermath of Sutton Analyzed," ADA Compliance Guide (Thompson: 1/01); "Accommodating Disabled Employees Through Reassignment," ADA Compliance Guide (Thompson: 9/99); "Responding Effectively to Workers' Accommodation Requests," ADA Compliance Guide (Thompson: 12/98); "Five Keys to the Disabilities Act," The New York Times (8/16/98); "Determining Disabilities: When is a Condition 'Substantially Limiting'?," LRP Publication's Federal EEO Advisor (7/98); "Determining Disability: With or Without Medication," Employment Law Strategist (3/98); "What Employers Should Know About the ADA," The Wall Street Journal (9/16/96); "Key Evidence on Whether Someone is 'Qualified' Under the ADA," BNA's Employment Discrimination Report (7/17/96); "The ADA and Reasonable Accommodation: Some Common Employer Errors," BNA's Employment Discrimination Report (6/7/95); "The ADA and Employees Who Break Conduct Rules," BNA's Employment Discrimination Report (9/21/94); "The FMLA and the ADA," (co-authored with P. Mastroianni), ABA's The Labor Lawyer (1993); "Examining the Relationship Between Employers and Health Professionals Under the ADA," CCH's Labor Law Journal (5/93); Featured ADA Expert in: "Panorama," Voice of America's Russian Broadcast (12/15/00); "Enabling the Disabled," PBS Lehrer NewsHour (12/30/99);"California Disability Law - A Look at Trends to Come?" Disability Leave & Absence Reporter (Bureau of Business Practice (BBP): 7/01); "Pregnancy as an ADA Disability," Disability Leave & Absence Reporter (BBP: 12/99); "Alcoholism and the ADA," Disability Leave & Absence Reporter (BBP: 4/99) Mr. Fram received his B.A. degree (summa cum laude) from the University of Maryland. He received his J.D. degree, cum laude from The Cornell Law School, where he was an editor of The Cornell Law Review.