Kendra Duckworth

Human Factors Consultant
Job Accommodation Network (JAN)


Kendra Duckworth is a Human Factors Consultant for the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) a service of the Office of Disability Policy, in cooperationwith the Dept of Labor, formally known as the President's Committee onEmployment of People with Disabilities. JAN is an international consultingservice that provides information on the Americans with Disabilities Act aswell as information on how to accommodate employees with disabilities. As a consultant, Kendra specializes in providing accommodation informationfor individuals with psychiatric disabilities, cognitive and neurologicalimpairments. She is a graduate of West Virginia University with a Bachelorof Arts degree in Psychology and a Master of Science degree inRehabilitation Counseling. She began her career as a RehabilitationCounselor for the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services. Since 1991 she has provided consultation to employers, rehabilitationprofessionals, and people with disabilities about work-site accommodations,the Rehabilitation Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Ms.Duckworth also serves as a national speaker for the Job AccommodationNetwork and has served as an instructor for the Job Accommodation course offered at West Virginia University.