Andrew J Houtenville

Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability and Demographic Statistics (StatsRRTC)


Andrew J. Houtenville, PhD., has been a Senior Research Associate at Cornell University's Program on Employment and Disability since March 1999. He is currently the Director of the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability and Demographic Statistics (StatsRRTC). The Center is designed to bridge the gap between sources of data and the people who use disability related statistics. The Center is in its first year of a five year cycle and is funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR). Andrew is also the Principal Investigator of two other projects: a NIDRR-funded Field Initiated Projects to disseminate and analyze Census2000 data, and a Secondary Data Analysis Grant (funded by the National Center for Education Statistics) to analyze the disability content of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data and the selection bias introduced by the exclusion of students with disabilities from standardized assessments. As an extension of his work with numerous data sources, Dr. Houtenville recently developed the Cornell website, to help relate state- and local- level statistics to a broad audience. Over the next five years, this web site will add disability-related statistics in the areas of housing, poverty, employment, living arrangements, and institutionalization. In recent work, Houtenville and Burkhauser (2004) found evidence that suggests that in 1992 the ADA may have temporally reversed the downward trend, which began in 1986, of the relative employment of people with longer-term work limitations. Houtenville and Daly (2003) investigated the influence of demographic shifts on changes in the employment rate of people with work limitations. Houtenville (2000a, 2000b, 2000c) focuses on patterns in state-level estimates of prevalence, employment and incomes of people with work limitations using CPS data.