Deb Russell

Director of Career Outreach Department


Deb Russell was selected by Walgreens Company to manage its Career Outreach Department in 2006. This department oversees the company's commitment to have one third of the workforce in its latest and all future distribution centers consist of qualified individuals with disabilities. The first of these centers opened in January 2007. Ms. Russell has advised and monitored the efforts in order to disseminate lessons that are learned. Walgreen Company is the nation's largest drugstore chain and the 7th largest retailer. Fortune Magazine ranks Walgreens as the 45th largest company in America and it employs over 200,000 people. Deb's background includes working in the field of employment of people with disabilities for more than 15 years. These experiences include being a Special Education Teacher, job coach, job developer, director of a job development program, manager of systems change projects at the state level and now addressing issues related to people with disabilities within the workforce investment system. She has presented nationally on topics related to the employment of people with disabilities.