Sarah V Schrader

Research associate
New York Mix Work Pay Medicaid


Sarah Von Schrader has been with the disability employment institute, School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University since June of 2009. She is currently working as a research associate for the New York Mix Work Pay Medicaid Infrastructure Grant and she is focused on creating a conceptual model for craft agency database of service delivery and demographic characteristics of persons with disability. She is also involved in a project using the US employment, Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions, integrated admission system to evaluate employment discrimination outcomes. Prior to coming to Cornell, she was involved in multiple research projects primarily in the area of educational testing and health policy and management. After receiving her Master's degree, she spent three years as a senior research assistant in Health Services Research and Development Center at Bloomberg School of Public Health at John Hopkins. She has her PhD from the University of Iowa and her dissertation research explores the use of cognitive diagnosis models with achievement test data.