Lewis Dabney

Key Bridge Foundation


Lewis Dabney is Director of the Key Bridge Foundation. He is a nationally recognized leader in the field of ADA mediation, having helped manage the Americans with Disabilities Act Mediation Program for the US Department of Justice since 1999. Mr. Dabney has a MSc. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. In addition to his work in ADA mediation he has focused on ethnic and religious conflict, and has served as a consultant on international Alternative Dispute Resolution projects, providing technical assistance including system design, and program monitoring and evaluation. He has trained hundreds of practitioners around the world in introductory and advanced mediation and negotiation techniques, and lectured at universities in South and Southeast Asia, South America, North America, and Europe. Mr. Dabney served in the leadership of the International Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) for several years, including as Chair, and is currently in his second year of serving as Secretary of the board of ACR, a professional association with 4000 members.