Sara Woody

Northwest ADA Center


Sara is the Coordinator of the Northwest ADA Center's BluePath program. Sara surveys facilities for accessibility, provides technical assistance, and educates businesses about barriers and alternative accessibility features. She has been researching marketing trends of people with disabilities and using social media to outreach and positively engage the business and disability communities. Her work also includes updating the BluePath website with tools, links, videos, and information on the ADA and hospitality, while Tweeting about hot topics in the disability world. Relevant Experience and Education: Sara serves as Treasurer for Mental Health Action, a grassroots, consumer-run advocacy organization. She has also been elected to serve on the Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities, which has been newly established to provide information to the Mayor, City Council, and other City departments concerning issues of importance to people with disabilities. Prior to joining the Northwest ADA Center, Sara worked at The Village Integrated Services Agency in Long Beach, CA for seven years, training mental health professionals, law enforcement, policy makers, students, consumers, and community members on best practices in mental health recovery.